How much does the out-of-state fingerprinting process cost?

The cost is dependent upon several factors including the type of search and materials. You have two options:

  • Our most popular out-of-state service is our "headache-free" out-of-state kit which includes overnight shipping to you, return shipping, all of the supplies and materials you need, detailed instructions, and all of your state and federal filing fees. The cost for this service is $229. If you would like to purchase the kit please call our office at 1-855-722-6695 to be transferred directly to the out-of-state processing center.
  • If you have all of the materials already and just need to send them in for conversion the cost is $189 for healthcare-related background checks (includes optional admittance into the AHCA Clearinghouse) and for all other Level 2 Background checks from out-of-state the cost is $159, to find out where to send it, visit the out-of-state card scanning page.