What is the cost?

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Each type of position or license that requires a Level 2 Background Check through Livescan falls under a specific category with its own set of pricing and filing fees based on the ORI number. Pricing may vary slightly from location to location and is indicated in the appointment booking process by category once a location is selected. To determine which category your request falls under, please review their respective descriptions below:

  • AHCA--This category includes healthcare-related employment and licensing. This includes physician's licenses, nursing licenses, and Home Health Aides among others. These ORI numbers typically begin with four alphabet characters followed by five alpha-numerical characters, all ending in "Z" such as EAHCA020Z or EDOH4420Z.
  • DCF/DJJ--This category includes applicants who are regulated under the Florida Department of Children and Families and the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. Examples of organizations which require this category include Summer Camps, Child Care and Day Care Facilities. Example ORI numbers are EDCFGN10Z and EDCFSC30Z.
  • All other types--This category includes applicants who do not fall under any of the categories above. Examples of organizations which require this category include VECHS (private schools, volunteer organizations, etc.), Division of Business and Professional Regulation applicants (real estate agents, liquor license applicants, contractors, etc.) and name changes. Example ORI Numbers include FL920010Z and E11335041.