I am sending in my fingerprints on a card from out of state, why does it cost so much?

Simply put, sending in your fingerprints from out of state is a more complicated and intricate process than completing it in-person.

Here's our process:

  1. When we receive your fingerprint cards in the mail we have to use a very expensive system to convert your fingerprints from paper into an electronic format.
  2. Our examiners then re-assign the best impressions from each card you send to ensure that the single electronic set of prints we remit to the FBI has the greatest chance of legibility, reducing your chances of rejection.We then transfer the data you enter in our online information form into a profile to be sent to the FBI, cross-referencing with the data provided on your two forms of identification for inconsistencies (for example, sometimes when entering their own data applicants will inadvertently transpose the month and the day of their date of birth--putting 06/07/1985 instead of 07/06/1985, for example--which, if not discovered would result in the necessity for another report to be generated, costing another fee).
  3. Once any applicant data entry errors that have been caught have been corrected, we transmit via 256 bit encryption your biometric data to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Civil Workflow Control System (FDLE CWCS) and the FBI CJIS system, paying filing fees to access their databases and to submit the query for the report which is then forwarded to your regulating agency within 72 hours.
  4. If there are any errors, questions, or concerns to resolve before, during, or after the process, we are available for support by email and phone to assist.

To recap, the price you pay is because: 

  • The fee you pay includes all of your state and federal filing fees (and other system fees when applicable, such as the AHCA Clearinghouse fee)
  • We take our time and do it right, but it is always processed the same day we receive your package
  • We have the right equipment to do the job
  • We are available to explain and assist with any part of the process with our 5 star service
  • We believe in the safety and security of your personal data and abide by our strict Data Collection Policy