I have to be fingerprinted for the Department of Juvenile Justice, but I see the process to do so has changed. Why does it cost more and do I still need to send a card in to Tallahassee?

Starting August 1, 2016 the Department of Juvenile Justice has joined the Florida Clearinghouse for Livescan submission and will no longer accept fingerprint cards mailed to Tallahassee. 

This means that you will now go to one of our locations throughout the state instead and get electronically fingerprinted with a photo taken at the same time. FDLE will no longer accept fingerprint cards for this service at their address. The Clearinghouse adds an additional charge to the filing fees incurred by applicants which is why it costs more. This fee is designed to cover the cost of maintenance and administration of the Clearinghouse network and will retain applicant information for employer/regulatory access for a period of five years starting from the date the background check is completed. This new electronic protocol (Livescan) also reduces processing time which is now estimated at 24-72 hours. For more information on this requirement, please see our page for Department of Juvenile Justice background checks.