How does livescan fingerprinting work?

If you need a Level 2 Background Check, FDLE and the FBI require your biometric and personally identifying information to conduct a search for any criminal history which would disqualify you from holding what is considered by the government to be a “position of trust” such as a licensed nurse or a financial advisor. To collect this information, these organizations contract companies like Binary Biometrics to verify your identity, capture your biometrics (fingerprints and facial features using facial recognition software), and transmit that information through their encrypted systems for completion and eventual relay to your regulating agency or school.

To do this, we need two forms of ID, your application or license number, your personal information, and the ORI number for the requesting agency or organization where the results should be sent to. We will verify and enter this information, capture your fingerprints and photo electronically, and then transmit to the appropriate agencies. Once your appointment or out of state package has been completed, no further action on your part is required; though following up with your regulating agency to ensure that they receive the results is highly recommended. One method to do so is by entering your TCN (provided upon transmitting your request) at